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If you are going to do something as dangerous as BASE jumping, do so with as much preparation and knowledge as you can possibly amass to stack the deck in your favor. There is no better way to do this than to learn at SRBA.
— Brian S, USA

Safety Skills Training:  Landing skills

Landing accidents under fully open canopies are the leading cause of injuries in BASE jumping today.  Even something as simple as a broken leg or sprained ankle can put a quick end to a jumping trip.  This four day course offers training in landing skills to help jumpers minimize there chance of injury as they advance to objects with more technical landing areas.

Most jumps will be made unpacked, to allow the maximum number of canopy flights and landings during the course.

Please note that this is a BASE landing skills course, and assumes that you are already proficient landing your BASE canopy in a large, open field.  If you are having trouble with basic approaches or flaring, it is better to start with our BASE Canopy skills course, taught at skydiving dropzones.

Material may be presented in a different order depending on wind conditions.


Pre-Requisite:  Fundamentals of BASE

Course fee: $995

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Course outline for Safety Skills Training:  Landing Skills


Day 1:  Accuracy

Introduction(30 Minutes)

BASE Skills Progression (30 Minutes)

Accuracy techniques (30 Minutes)

Unpacked Jumps (60 Minutes)

    Discussion of which unpacked jumps to use in different wind conditions

    Demonstration and practice for set up of TARD, TARD over and Rollover

    Discussion and practice prepping of canopy

Accuracy Practice Jumps (5-7 jumps)


Day 2:  Crosswind/Downwind Approaches

Wind Effects on Canopy Flight, review from Fundamentals (30 minutes)

Crosswind Practice Jumps (3 jumps)

Downwind Practice Jumps (3 jumps)

Some jumps may be packed, depending on wind conditions.


Day 3:  Riser Landing Skills Practice

Riser Landings and Tail Flutter (30 minutes)

Two Riser Landing Practice Jumps (3 jumps)

Riser/Toggle Landing Practice Jumps (5 jumps)


Day 4:  Bad Landing Areas

Landing Area Evaluation and Set Up (2 hour)

Practice Jumps (5-7 Jumps)

Topics are frequently presented in other orders, especially when responding to weather conditions to take advantage of jumping windows.