Snake River BASE Academy

Higher Education for Lower Free Fall

All BASE jumping instruction is NOT the same

The Snake River BASE Academy provides the best, most comprehensive BASE jumping instruction in the world.

Our focus is entirely on BASE instruction.  We don’t teach skydiving, we don’t run events, we don’t have corporate sponsors, and we don’t build gear.  All we do is teach BASE jumping, and we do that better than anyone in the world.

We have created a BASE training school that has no equal.  No one else has a dedicated facility, no one else has the large variety of rigs from different manufacturers, no one else has our comprehensive curriculum, and no one has taught more BASE jumpers than we have.

The Snake River BASE Academy is truly unique--there is no other school like this in the world.

I took 2 BASE jumping courses. I completed the Snake River BASE course first; it was thorough and fully directed at learning how to BASE jump and all aspects of the sport. By the time I completed the second BASE course I was glad I had done the Snake River BASE course first. I fully recommend the Snake River BASE course as your first steps into BASE jumping.
— Trevor N, Australia
I can’t imagine a better, more comprehensive introduction to BASE.
— Kristian S, USA