Snake River BASE Academy

Higher Education for Lower Free Fall

Safety Skills Training:  Introductory Big wall tracking

Tracking is the most important safety skill for slider up jumping.  Moving away from the object creates a critical safety margin in the event of off heading openings.  This course will focus on initiating the track as early as possible and tracking as efficiently as possible to create maximum separation from the object.


Students with fewer than 500 skydives may be required to demonstrate tracking skills to the satisfaction of the instructors at a drop zone of the instructors’ choice.


All students will be required to use a tracking suit.  No wing suits will be used on this course.  Snake River BASE recommends the Squirrel Sumo and Phoenix Fly Power Track Suit, and as a dealer can help students place orders for either of these.  Any other purpose built tracking suit is also acceptable for this course.


This course will be conducted in Italy, with jumps from a legal cliff exit point at a terminal wall, allowing a safer introduction to BASE tracking.  Instructors can pick up and drop off students at the Malpensa airport, or students can meet the group in Sarche, Italy.


Course fee includes transportation to and from Malpensa, vehicle transportation to and from the exit point, lodging in Sarche, and shuttle fees for the Brento BASE Bus.  Students are responsible for their own airline transportation to and from Malpensa (or Sarche, at their own option) from their home, as well as their own food expenses.


Pre-Requisites:  Fundamentals of BASE, 500 skydives or 200 Skydives and Instructor Approval, 20 tracking skydives with a tracking suit


Course Fee:  $1650


A deposit of $825 is required to reserve a place in this course.  The balance of the course fee is due 3 weeks before the course.


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