Snake River BASE Academy

Higher Education for Lower Free Fall


Snake River BASE Academy instructors

Tom Aiello is the Chief Instructor at SRBA.  Tom began BASE jumping in 1999, coming from a background in climbing and mountaineering. Since that time he has made more than 1000 jumps, from more than 200 different objects.  He has traveled extensively, meeting jumpers and jumping sites all over the world and loves the camraderie and community found amongst BASE jumpers of all ages, genders, and nationalities.  Tom began teaching BASE jumping in 2004, and founded the Snake River BASE Academy with the goal of improving the judgement, knowledge and skill of BASE jumpers worldwide.  He lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, with his wife, Cheri, and his daughters, Olivia and Anna Grace.

Eric Miller has been infatuated with flying for as long as he can remember.  He grew up in Florida and dreamed about becoming a skydiver after a visit to the DZ in DeLand at the age of nine.  Eric started skydiving in 2004, and BASE jumping in 2005.  He has worked in the skydiving industry ever since and has experience in nearly every discipline as well as being a coach/instructor, photo/videographer, competition swooper, rigger, demo jumper and pilot.  He especially enjoys BASE because of the great variety of experiences that the sport offers, from high alpine approaches for wingsuit jumps to outsmarting security on dirty low urban jumps.  Eric believes that being a well rounded jumper is more important than being a rockstar in a particular discipline and enjoys teaching students to think of creative solutions to the many puzzles that BASE jumping presents. 

Jon Peters began BASE Jumping in 2011.  Since then he has made over 250 BASE jumps from more than 50 objects.  Jon is an active jumper from a technical BASE Jumping environment.  He has traveled to many different states and  countries to fulfill his BASE Jumping aspirations.  Jon enjoys all kinds of BASE jumps from low and dirty to long wingsuit flights in remote country.  He is currently working on opening new big wall exit points throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Prior to taking up BASE Jumping, Jon was an avid kiteboarder and technical Scuba Diver.  He also has trad climbing experience and experience with rope rescue. 

James Yaru quit his desk job in 2012 for BASE jumping and hasn't looked back. He has over 1000 jumps from more than 100 different objects.  He got into BASE specifically to wingsuit proximity fly but found himself also drawn to technical low jumps. He has traveled all over the US and six other countries in search of unique terrain to fly, either from cliffs or aircraft. James spends his winters mostly in Arizona and his summers traveling.  He also provides wing suit coaching and BASE guiding.

Kip Hanson is a Wisconsin native who grew up skiing, waterskiing, climbing, and mountaineering.  A son of Jackson Hole "ski bums", Kip calls the mountains home despite growing up in the Mid-West.  In 2006, Kip left the flatlands of Wisconsin for the front range of the Rockies to attend the United States Air Force Academy.  He completed his first five jumps at the Academy in 2007, and later became a member of the Air Force Wings of Blue Parachute team.  As a member of the team, Kip performed parachute demonstrations, taught basic freefall parachuting to cadets, and coached younger teammates on the basics of formation skydiving.  Kip started BASE jumping in 2013 due to his insatiable fascination with human flight.