Snake River BASE Academy

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BASE gear use during courses is included in the course fee.

BASE gear rental

All rental gear is subject to availability.  Cost for rental gear is $100 per week plus shipping and insurance.  Shipping costs will vary depending on student's location.   50% of the gear rental fee can be credited toward new gear orders placed within one month of course conclusion.  Snake River BASE Academy is a dealer for Apex BASE, Asylum Designs, Bad Seed BASE, Consolidated Rigging, Morpheus Technologies, Phoenix Fly and Squirrel. 

Rental gear is only available for Snake River BASE Academy students.   Students are responsible for any loss or damage to gear during the rental period.  Rental period begins and ends in Twin Falls, from the time when gear is shipped out or picked up, to the time it is delivered back to the school.

Pre Course Rental:

Gear rental is available for students who wish to have gear for practice prior to attending a Fundamentals of BASE course .  Having gear is useful for students to practice packing (with the packing video) prior to the course.  The canopy can also be put into a large skydiving rig (most DZs have student gear of an appropriate size) to practice canopy skills on a BASE canopy.  A set of canopy drills is included with the course study materials sent out to every student.  Pre course rental gear is shipped to the student approximately one month before their course.  Students may not make BASE jumps on pre course rental gear before their training.

Post Course Rental:
Gear rental is available for students who have completed a Fundamentals of BASE course and ordered gear, and want to stay current while their gear is built.

Borrowing Gear:
Students who have enrolled in a Fundamentals of BASE course and would like to practice packing on their own time prior to the course are welcome to come to the school before their course and practice packing with student gear in the school’s packing area.

Students who have completed the Fundamentals of BASE course are welcome to borrow gear to use for jumps from the Perrine Bridge while they are in Twin Falls, subject to availability (gear is generally available any time that there is no Fundamentals of BASE course in progress). 

There is no charge to borrow gear.