Snake River BASE Academy

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SRBA Object Avoidance Course


How much does the course cost?

The course fee for Object Avoidance is $995.  A deposit of $500 is required at the time of registration.


Do I need to have gear?

You need to have your own canopy before you take the Object Avoidance course.  We customize brake and toggle settings during the course, and you will want to take those settings home with you.

It is possible to use student gear for Object Avoidance, but if you do so you will not be able to take the settings home, and will need to return during another Object Avoidance course to dial in your gear.


What objects will we jump from?

The majority of the jumps in the course are made from the Perrine Bridge, but we also jump several legal cliff exit points in the Twin Falls area.


Can I enroll in the Object Avoidance course without taking the Fundamentals course?

The Fundamentals course is a pre-requisite to the Object Avoidance course.  If you are an experienced jumper and want to enroll in the Object Avoidance course, you must first either complete or audit the Fundamentals course.

There is no charge to audit the course, but all auditors must be approved by the instructor.  To inquire about auditing a Fundamentals course, please contact Tom Aiello (