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SRBA Fundamentals of BASE Course


How much does the course cost?

The Fundamentals of BASE course fee is $1195.  A deposit of $600 is required at the time of registration.


How long is the course?

The course is 4 full days.

Course days can be very long.  Expect some days to last more than 12 hours with occasional longer days reaching 16 hours or more.


What do I need to bring?

You will need to have appropriate clothing for the season, including a good pair of hiking shoes or boots.  The trail can be wet or muddy at some times of year, so waterproof footwear is recommended.

If you already own BASE gear, you should bring it so you can get familiar with your gear and ask questions about it.  Every student will use multiple rigs, so expect to jump some of the student gear as well.

If you have a helmet or kneepads that you prefer, you can bring them.  We have basic helmets and kneepads for student use, if you don’t already own them or don’t want to bring your own.

There is no need to bring packing tools (we have plenty of sets at the school for everyone to use).


What should I do to prepare for the course?

Upon receipt of your course deposit, a student package will be mailed to you.  To make the best use of your time in Twin Falls, we recommend that you work through the study materials in advance.  The more familiar you are with the pack job, the smoother your progression will be, so we strongly encourage you to work through the packing video with a BASE rig as many times as possible.  Use the Recommended Preparation and Canopy Drills pages to help you evaluate and improve your readiness for BASE.


Do I need to buy gear before the course?

Snake River BASE does not usually recommend that students purchase gear before a course.  During the Fundamentals course, students have a chance to jump multiple systems from different manufacturers, and there is also a classroom session on gear selection.  You will be able to make a much more educated buying decision after completing the Fundamentals course.

Some students prefer to take the Object Avoidance course immediately after completing the Fundamentals course to reduce travel costs.  In that case, you will want to have at least your own canopy so that you can customize brake and toggle settings and take the settings home with you.


If I arrive early can I practice packing?

Students are welcome to use the school packing area and student gear to practice their packing before their course begins.  If you want to practice packing before your course, please contact Tom Aiello ( to confirm availability.


How much does it cost to rent gear?

Gear use during the course is included in the course fee—there are no extra charges.

Gear can be rented before the course, for practice purposes, as well.  See the gear rental page for details.


What objects will we jump from?

All jumps during the Fundamentals course are made from the Perrine Bridge.


Can I wear a camera during the course?

Students may wear cameras on some jumps, subject to instructor approval.

We recommend a chest mounted camera to reduce snag potential during jumps.  Students may not wear helmet mounted cameras for handheld jumps.