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Practice Packing Rig for ENROLLED STUDENTS


Practice Packing Rig for ENROLLED STUDENTS


To help students practice packing before a course, Snake River BASE has a limited number of packing practice rigs available for students to borrow. Snake River BASE is making these rigs available solely to help students prepare for the Fundamentals of BASE course. We are not making any money from these.

Please read and understand the following before ordering a practice packing rig:

  1. This is a loaner rig. You are expected to return it when you check in for your Fundamentals of BASE course.

  2. This rig is NOT AIRWORTHY. It cannot be jumped in any way (aircraft or BASE).

  3. This rig is ONLY suitable for practicing packing.

  4. You will be charged the actual cost of shipping and insurance.

  5. You can only have one practice rig checked out at a time.

  6. We will send the practice packing rig approximately ONE MONTH in advance of your course.

Our website will calculate actual shipping (plus $4 for insurance) within the USA. Unfortunately, our web site cannot calculate actual shipping outside the USA, so rigs shipped outside the USA will cost USD 125 for shipping and insurance, which is an average drawn from shipping to other countries.

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