Snake River BASE Academy

Higher Education for Lower Free Fall

Anyone who has completed one of our Safety Skills Courses (Object Avoidance, Object Evaluation or Landing Skills) is welcome to come back and audit that course at any time in the future.

There is no charge to audit a course, but prior approval from the instructor is required, and a $100 deposit is required to secure your space. The deposit will be refunded at check-in for the course. IF YOU CANCEL, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT.


Why would you want to audit?

Auditors for our safety skills courses (Landing Skills, Object Avoidance and Object Evaluation) are former students who want to refresh their skills or review course material.

If you have a new canopy you want to work on your landing or avoidance skills, or you just want to evaluate some different objects, auditing a course is a free way to tune up your skills and get current.


Auditors should:

• Be self sufficient in packing and jumping without help or supervision

•Be willing to help with shuttling vehicles or picking up jumpers on loads when they do not jump.

• Have their own safety equipment (helmet and kneepads).

• Have already completed the course they are auditing.


Snake River BASE reserves the right to limit the number of auditors for any course, to preserve the quality of instruction for enrolled students.

If you want to come and audit a course, please submit your request HERE.